Select Elements Which Have A Certain Attribute Value with simplexml

I have this result when i do var_dump to $xml

`object(SimpleXMLElement)[257] public '@attributes' => array (size=1) 'seq' => string '290' (length=3) public 'FIN' => object(SimpleXMLElement)[256] public '@attributes' => array (size=1) 'seq' => string '261' (length=3) public 'VAL' => string '1' (length=1) public 'ATT' => array (size=11) 0 => object(SimpleXMLElement)[255]`

i need select with simplexml which seq have value 29

Thanks in advance


You can use xpath to find element with attribute 'seq' equal 29. Suppouse, $xml contains simplexml object then

$element = $xml->xpath('//*[@seq=29]');

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