Selenium automation running only in XP inside sauce lbs

Am new to selenium automation.Am trying to run selenium scripts inside sauce labs (Selenium version 2.44)

The tests are running succesfully in sauce labs

But the problem is i set the capability as Platform.WIN_8 .But inside sauce labs it is running in Windows XP with browser firefox. Why it is happening like this.Also i faced the same issue when i tired in linux or mac also.In sauce labs automation running only in XP if i selected any other platforms like VISTA Win7 Vista

@Before public void setUp() throws Exception { capabillities.setCapability("version", "5.0"); capabillities.setCapability("platform", Platform.WIN_8); capabillities.setCapability("browser", "firefox"); this.driver = new RemoteWebDriver( new URL("http://name:[email protected]:80/wd/hub"), capabillities); }


I could assume that the problem hides into the Platform.WIN_8. Try to use caps.setCapability("platform", "Windows 8"); Here is a configurator which could help you to create caps for a correct configuration

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