Send server message to connected clients with Signalr/PersistentConnection

I´m using SignalR/PersistentConnection, not the Hub.

I want to send a message from the server to client. I have the client id to send it, but how can I send a message from server to the client?

Like, when some event happens on server, we want send a notification to a particular user.

Any ideas?


The github page shows how to do this using PersistentConnections.

public class MyConnection : PersistentConnection {
protected override Task OnReceivedAsync(string clientId, string data) {
// Broadcast data to all clients
return Connection.Broadcast(data);


using System;
using System.Web.Routing;
using SignalR.Routing;

public class Global : System.Web.HttpApplication {
protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) {
// Register the route for chat
RouteTable.Routes.MapConnection<MyConnection>("echo", "echo/{*operation}");

Then on the client:

$(function () {
var connection = $.connection('echo');

connection.received(function (data) {
$('#messages').append('<li>' + data + '</li>');


$("#broadcast").click(function () {

May be the AddToGroup function in the helps in Server side

Put the clients in to different channels

public bool Join(string channel)
return true;

Then they Can send out message in different channel

public void Send(string channel, string message)

String id = this.Context.ClientId;



using SignalR;
using SignalR.Hosting.AspNet;
using SignalR.Infrastructure;

public class MyConnection : PersistentConnection

public class Notifier
public void Notify(string clientId, object data) {
MyConnection connection = (MyConnection) AspNetHost.DependencyResolver

connection.Send(clientId, data);

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