Simple JAVA program error , using multiple classes :

package work1; public class classyclass { public static void main(String[] args) { int num; num = 0; num++; System.out.println(" blah blah blah " + num); Coffee latte = new Coffee(); Coffee capuccino = new Coffee(); latte.price = 5; capuccino.price = 11; latte.beverage(); capuccino.beverage(); } } :

package work1; public class Coffee { int price; String coffeeType; void beverage() { if (coffeeType == "latte" ) { System.out.println("The price of latte is " + latte.price ); } else if(coffeeType == "capuccino") { System.out.println("The price of a cappuccino is " + capuccino.price); } } }

As an amateur C programmer venturing into Java ,I am getting really confused with using these classes and objects. What I want is to take the value from the classyclass class into the coffee class and then execute on that data back again in the main method. I am mixing stuff up , please help


change string comparison

coffeeType == "latte"



that is how java compares string values. Make the changes in rest of your code with respect to these changes.

There are several things wrong or not logical in your code:

1) If you only use num to print the value 1, why not change it to:

int num = 1;


System.out.println(" blah blah blah " + 1);

or even

System.out.println(" blah blah blah 1");

2) You make a new object of the type/class Coffee, but you never set the variable String coffeeType in the objects. The standard way to do this is to make a constructor like so:

in main():

Coffee latte = new Coffee("latte");

and in your Coffee class make the constructor:

public Coffee(String coffee){
this.coffeeType = coffee;

3) You have to compare Strings with the .equal() method:

if("latte".equals(this.coffeeType)){ System.out.println("\nThis is latte coffee"); }

Some further notes as mentioned by npinti: use getter and setter methods to set variables en retrieve them:

public void setType(String type){
this.coffeeType = type;

public void setPrice(int price){
this.price = price;

public int getPrice(){
return this.price;

Try this code. I have tried to use java conventions for your understanding.

Your ClassyClass class:

import java.util.*;

public class ClassyClass
ArrayList<Coffee> myClub;
Scanner myInput;
public ClassyClass()
myClub = new ArrayList<Coffee>();
myInput = new Scanner(;

myClub.add(new Coffee("latte", 5));
myClub.add(new Coffee("capuccinno", 11));

System.out.println("Do you want to place an order? Enter 1 for yes and 2 for no.");
int choice = myInput.nextInt();


if (choice == 1)
else { }

public void myCoffeeClub()
System.out.print("Enter latte or capuccinno: ");
String item =;
int itemPrice = 0;

for (Coffee s : myClub)
if (s.cName.equals(item))
itemPrice = s.cPrice;
System.out.println ("The price of "+item+" is "+itemPrice+".");

Your Coffee class:

public class Coffee
String cName;
int cPrice;

public Coffee (String cName, int cPrice)
this.cName = cName;
this.cPrice = cPrice;

You should have set coffeeType while setting price and you would have got correct results.

public class classyclass {

public static void main(String[] args) {

int num;
num = 0;
System.out.println(" blah blah blah " + num);

Coffee latte = new Coffee();
latte.coffeeType = "latte";
latte.price = 5;

Coffee capuccino = new Coffee();
capuccino.coffeeType = "capuccino";
capuccino.price = 11;


public class Coffee {

int price;
String coffeeType;

void beverage() {

if (this.coffeeType.equals("latte")) {
System.out.println("The price of latte is " + this.price);
else if (this.coffeeType.equals("capuccino")) {
System.out.println("The price of a cappuccino is " + this.price);

In java the == operator compares an object reference. To compare a string you should use the string.equals("..") method.

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