Slickgrid does not update correctly when using in Bootstrap modal

I'm using Slickgrid in a Bootstrap modal. I'm able to get the grid to render correctly when the modal is shown following this answer.

But during the use of the modal the grid is supposed to be updated with new data. In the slickgrid directive I watch an attribute for changes and update the grid each time. My function to do that looks as following:

// observe the item list for changes and update the slickgrid $scope.$watch(attrs.items, function(itemlist){ console.log("updated items"); grid.setColumns(columns); dataView.beginUpdate(); dataView.setItems(itemlist); dataView.endUpdate(); grid.render(); grid.resizeCanvas(); }, true);

As was the case with loading the grid in the modal, the last few columns in the grid do not show at all. I tried the resizeCanvas() function but it still does not work. Any suggestions?

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