• Avoid data resetting when toggling series 2018-12-21

    In this fiddle when you toggle a serie the others reset to their inital values, instead of adding new values to themselves. How to avoid this behaviour? --------------Solutions------------- You need to store the current state of the data for each ser

    Tags: javascript, linechart, chartjs
  • Chart.js not appearing in tabs 2015-03-24

    I know there are examples but they didn't work for me. I'm using joomla and trying to embed a line chart in a tab, works on the first tab but not the 2nd, any ideas would be appreciated. here's the script and I don't really know javascript that well.

    Tags: javascript, tabs, joomla3.0, chartjs
  • Reading converted rss to json file with chart.js not working 2015-01-14

    I'm trying to fix something which, in my mind should work ^_^ I have this PHP code: <?php class XmlToJson { public static function Parse ($url) { $fileContents= file_get_contents($url); $fileContents = str_replace(array("\n", "\r", "\t"), '', $fil

    Tags: php, javascript, json, rss, chartjs
  • Extending Line Chart with custom line 2014-08-05

    I'm trying to extend the Line chart in Chart.js with this code: var shotsData = { labels: ["Shot 1", "Shot 2", "Shot 3", "Shot 4", "Shot 5"], datasets: [{ data: [5, 7, 1, 4, 9] }] }; var ctx = document.getElementById("shots").getContext("2d"); Chart.

    Tags: charts, html5 canvas, chartjs
  • How to change bar fillColor in chart.js bar char 2014-04-09

    I use chart.js to draw a bar chart. How to change the bar fill color in chart.js.(I use the 'Bar chart' ) var data = { labels : ["January","February","March","April","May","June","July"], datasets : [ { fillColor : "rgba(220,220,220,0.5)", strokeColo

    Tags: chartjs
  • Showing the first data point in line-chart y-axis with chart.js 2014-03-12

    I'm using a line-chart with chart.js. My problem with this chart is that it by default isn't showing the first label on the y-axis, which I need, and that it seems that there's no option for showing i either. In my case, I'm only going to show a grap

    Tags: javascript, chartjs
  • Unable to output array to a specific format 2013-06-27

    I am trying desperately to get this array output in this format to be used by chart.js in Yii. This is the array that I need to get : Array ( [0] => Array ( [value] => 50 [color] => rgba(66,66,66,1) [label] => Hunde ) [1] => Array ( [v

    Tags: php, arrays, yii, chartjs

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