• How to get dates between two dates 2019-01-08

    List of Dates between my From and Two <?php $scheduleStartDate = 2015-06-20; $scheduleEndDate = 2015-06-25; $Date = getDatesFromRange($scheduleStartDate,$scheduleEndDate); $Date = substr($Date, 0, -1); function getDatesFromRange($start, $end){ $dates

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  • Pass date input string to cell range 2018-10-29

    I am trying to pass the date entered in this input box through a range of cells in a specific column. The range isn't specific but must fill all the cells that currently contain data in that column. 'Date input box Sub dateInput() Dim dateString As S

    Tags: string, date, excel, excel vba
  • retrieve date from database as another format 2018-09-11

    I'm using oracle as my database, I have a taskdate column as TIMESTAMP. the format it save in database is 5/29/2015 10:27:04.000000 AM. can I convert it into 2015-05-29 this format when I retrieve it out?? --------------Solutions------------- Of cour

    Tags:, date, oracle, format
  • trouble with string to date conversion 2018-08-10

    Greetings StackWarriors.... I am in need of some help. I have this SQL Select statement: SELECT GEOID, cast(LEFT(PP.PurchaseDate,4) + RIGHT(Left(PP.PurchaseDate,6),2) as integer) AS Month FROM PropertyParametersNew PP join PropertyTracts PT on PP.Par

    Tags: sql, sql server, date
  • Timestamp and UTC kind 2018-07-22

    In my application i receive Time stamp and in c# code I convert into date and pass this date to execute the stored procedure .My application is placed in server machine. But when this date is printed in log i saw the date is receiving in server one d

    Tags: date, datetime, utc, timestamp
  • Convert date from dutch to english 2018-06-30

    I thought this going to be quite easy but it is not! I have date: mei 28, 2015 (dutch) and I would like to convert it to english Y-m-d Problem is site is multilang so I would like it to stay dynamic (replace mai to may) is not solution, I've already

    Tags: php, date, magento
  • C# Linq double groupby need min/max for hourly values once per day 2018-06-19

    I have been playing around with this for awhile now and can't quite get the result I am looking for. I have an object like this: public class Point { public string Tag {get;set;} public DateTime Time {get;set;} public int Value {get;set;} } Each tag

    Tags: linq, date
  • How do I find "origin" of a Date in R 2018-05-01

    If I have a date that i've converted using the as.Date function, e.g. "2015-01-01" how can I find out what date it is using as reference for its origin? And yes, I tried ?Date, and tried using the default origin, but got days in 1945. I would li

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  • Sending date query to database 2018-04-15

    $date = getdate(); $query = "UPDATE Members Set Name = '$desiredName', Latest_Update = '$date' Where ID = '$currentID'"; if(sqlsrv_query($conn, $query)) { echo "Record successfully updated."; } I have this query to update a name of a m

    Tags: php, mysql, date
  • Converting minutes and hours into text representations in Java? 2018-04-05

    I'm using the SimpleDateFormat and Date class to get the current time. The watch face I am developing for Android wear requires the text version of the time. For example, 8:30 would be "eight" and "thirty", 9:21 would be "nine&quo

    Tags: java, date, class, android, simpledateformat
  • RegEx Notepad++ Python Script to change Date Format 2018-03-28

    Gang...I need a notepad++ python script teaching moment. I want to find and replace a date format (MM/DD/YY and replace with YYYY-MM-DD). In NotePad++ RegEx I can do this with Find: (([0-9]+)/+([0-9]+)/+([0-9]+)) Replace: 20\3-\1-\2 Would someone sho

    Tags: regex, python, date
  • Javascript, advancing date range 2018-03-15

    I using a date-picker to set a start and end date. The date range is supposed to move forward each day for a two week, sliding window of entry. My code below works but I would like to refactor it into something that is easier to maintain. What techni

    Tags: javascript, date, jquery
  • how to convert date format in php 2018-02-23

    This question already has an answer here: Convert date format yyyy-mm-dd => dd-mm-yyyy 11 answers I tried to convert date format which is store in databaseas '2015-04-20' to '04-20-2015'.Now I caught garbage value in date_format(). echo $dob1=$vfet['

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  • Java Collection Using Date Sorting on Same Date with AM/PM 2018-02-04

    I have Date as listed below: 17/03/2015 09:38:39 AM 17/03/2015 10:52:26 AM 10/03/2015 08:30:56 AM 02/03/2015 09:18:10 AM 02/03/2015 09:37:23 AM 02/03/2015 11:25:01 AM 02/03/2015 11:29:00 AM 02/03/2015 11:42:38 AM 02/03/2015 12:04:39 PM 02/03/2015 12:

    Tags: java, date
  • Java date issue while storing and querying? 2017-12-23

    I am using Java 1.7 and mysql database. mysql db is set to UTC timezone. I have below code to save the date into db. While saving I am using new java.util.Date() If I want to search by Date range through UI, I have below code. Javascript file: var be

    Tags: mysql, java, date, datetime, hibernate
  • Need batch file to rename files with last month's date to this month's date 2017-12-03

    Most of what I can find on here is appending the date to a filename, but I need to drop last month's date and then append this month's date. I've got the date part figured out, but I just need help with the rename portion. The variables in the batch

    Tags: date, batch file, rename
  • Issue with javascript linear calendar 2017-10-10

    I'm making a simple linear calendar. I managed to display all days of current month and the week names. But also i'm need to display all days of next month with week names. But I can't get the solution. If anyone can help me with this problem and imp

    Tags: javascript, date, calendar
  • MySQL fill empty dates 2017-09-26

    I have been trying to get my head around this for a time now and can't find a solution: I am querying for time-entries with a result like this: 2015-02-10: 13 2015-02-11: 16 2015-02-13: 11 As you can see I am missing two days in the array because the

    Tags: php, mysql, date
  • dijit/form/DateTextBox not correctly parsed 2017-03-26

    What can be the reason of a dijit/form/DateTextBox not correctly parsed ? Here is the scenario : I have a page where a following control is correctly rendered : Then the user can be redirecter to another page, and we store the date he selected on the

    Tags: javascript, date, dojo
  • SQL display months when Count is 0 2017-03-25

    This question already has an answer here: Include monthly counts including months where data doesn't exist 1 answer I was wondering if someone could help me... I have the following SQL query (have shortened this down as its a large union query) SELEC

    Tags: sql, date, count, sql server 2008 r2, datepart

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