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  • Image resizing in React Native 2017-12-06

    I am trying to resize an image (smaller to fit screen) in my react native app but am unable to do it as it is too big. Here is the code: 'use strict'; var React = require('react-native'); var { StyleSheet, Text, TextInput, View, TouchableHighlight, A

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  • why I change the navigator props execute twice handler? 2017-11-19

    here is my View to switch page this.props.navigator.push({ component: QuestionDetail, passProps: { id: id, enteredDetail: function() { console.log(this) } } }); // in QuestionDetail render: function() { this.props.enteredDetail(); .... in Xcode I saw

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  • Full screen image in React Native

    Full screen image in React Native 2017-05-03

    How do you make an <Image> fill the entire UIWindow sized area in React Native? If I were using Autolayout I would set a constraint on each edge, but flux is very different paradigm and I'm not a web guy. Without setting a manual width/height on my

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  • Hybrid (React and ReactNative) 2017-03-25

    We're planning a project that targets both iOS and Browser, and are curious to how we can share as much as possible between the two, using React. Can we build the project in (normal) React and somehow switch to React-native when building for iOS (and

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  • How to model a button with icons in react-native

    How to model a button with icons in react-native 2017-01-15

    I'm using react-native-icons package to include icons with buttons. They have a sample code listed in example folder. I'm trying to achieve onPress on View but turns out react-native doesn't have onPress function for <View> component. I tried using

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  • How do I implement firebase using React native? 2016-11-29

    When I try to use npm install to use firebase with React native, I am getting errors. Then when I try to use require for the firebase module, it says that the document can't be found. Is there a way to utilize the firebase API with React native inste

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