• Using reactive variable to change a subset of data using Shiny 2018-11-07

    I have a data set spanning several years. My shiny app is intended to let the user step through one week at a time, do some analysis and update the data set with new information for that week. e.g. the schedule. In normal R, I do the following code,

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  • Intermittent errors with ggplot2, segfault: memory not mapped 2018-08-31

    I've been having an issue in a Shiny R application where I am getting intermittent errors when the application is supposed to render a ggplot2 plot. The errors I've been seeing include: Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : arguments imply differing n

    Tags: ggplot2, shiny, shiny server
  • R Shiny - How to output text from a loop inside a reactive function that itself returns a graph 2018-04-27

    I'm trying to create a Shiny version of a program. Currently, when an actionButton is pressed the program does some processing inside a loop, then outputs a graph. That works fine. What I'd like to do is have the processing loop create a block of HTM

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  • Base R shade between lines having NA 2018-02-09

    Is there a possible way to shade an area between two lines using Base R given these two constraints: I can't use ggplot2 because other parts of my app will not work (a Shiny clickId limitation; more specifically, using ggplot2's clickId does not give

    Tags: ggplot2, shiny
  • Multiple css styles in shiny R markdown 2017-01-10

    I create a lot of R Markdown files using the shiny runtime that have multiple interactive components, usually each one is wrapped in shinyUI(). I would like to be able to style the different interactive sections separately, but haven't been able to f

    Tags: shiny, rmarkdown
  • Can anyone suggest a good world map visualization for use in Shiny? 2016-08-27

    Sorry in advance for the wall of text. I am creating a sort of novel type of chloropleth map, in which countries are shaded based on different categorical variables. The way I've set up the app, I assign each country an RGB value based on its levels

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  • Exporting tables to csv- separating tables in a list- shiny

    Exporting tables to csv- separating tables in a list- shiny 2016-02-27

    I have a list of tables (df_list). I want to export them to csv in shiny. When exporting the list of tables to csv I open them in excel. In excel the list of tables are put into columns and the columns referred to by tablename.colname. I would like t

    Tags: csv, export to csv, shiny
  • Using variable number of input fields in shiny page 2015-12-13

    My problem is as follows: I have a shiny application that displays a variable number of output elements based on user input (as, for example, is detailed in: dynamically add plots to web page using shiny). However, I'd also like to add to each output

    Tags: rstudio, shiny
  • Shiny slider restrict reaction to releasing left mouse button 2015-03-23

    I am using a Shiny application in which it may take some time to set a slider to the right value. So while trying to set the slider to the right value (and not releasing my left mouse button!) the (i.e. my local) server observed several new values an

    Tags: slider, shiny
  • Setting the interaction model of a Dygraph in Shiny for R 2015-03-17

    I am looking to add the custom interaction seen at under "Custom interaction model" into my Shiny web app. As far as I understand it, this requires attaching some JS to the page and setting the interaction m

    Tags: user interaction, dygraphs, shiny
  • R Shiny: Generate HTML Links to Data in A Column When Using `FluidRow()` 2015-03-10

    I am displaying tabular data using the R package Shiny. I'd like to have the values in one column presented as HTML links that can be used to navigate to another page. How do I do this? Paul K --------------Solutions------------- If one of your colum

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  • Shiny: SelectInput subset based on input 2015-03-03

    Edit: Thanks for the help, there were multiple issues with my code but the main issue was that I was missing an Observe statement, the following solved the problem: get_ddf <- reactive({ filter(poskick, Name == input$player) }) observe({ updateSel

    Tags: ggplot2, shiny
  • Shiny selectInput produces a list of numbers 2015-01-29

    am wondering why this issue is happening and if there is a fix for it. I create the following sql query below: CompanyNames<-sqlQuery(connection, paste("SELECT Companynm", " FROM RiskMgm_Company", " WHERE CompanyID = ParentID", " ORDER BY Companyn

    Tags: rstudio, shiny
  • Error while embedding Twitter Timeline on Shiny 2015-01-11

    I was trying the solution to this question: How can I embed a twitter timeline in a Shiny app This is my code : library(shiny) runApp(list(ui = fluidPage( tags$head(tags$script('!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s) [0],p=/^http:/.te

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  • Shiny reactive Unexpected Behavior 2014-12-15

    I'm trying to create a reactive function that looks up the indices, corresponding to the user's inputs, from a dataframe referred to as df in the code below. Just to give you an idea, here's how the dataframe df looks like: 'data.frame': 87 obs. of 6

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  • Control execution flow following the update of several reactive dependencies 2014-11-27

    This is a straightforward yet advanced problem. Here is a walkthrough: I have three inputs i_1, i_2, i_3, that lead to three reactive values that are used in different functions: I1 <- reactive({input$i_1}) I2 <- reactive({input$i_2}) I3 <-

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  • Having difficulty with making a loading screen in Shiny 2014-11-02

    I am trying to write a shiny app that takes in various forms of input and does an analysis. Some of these calculations are time consuming, so I'd like to be able to add a loading screen. From other stackoverflow posts, I saw that you could use a litt

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  • Printing like a character but sorting like numeric in Shiny and DataTable 2014-10-26

    I would like to sort a DataTable column that is formatted with dollars (and thus is a character). I have used scales::dollar() for formatting. This converts the field to a character which causes sorting problems (for instance, "$8" > "$10"). How c

    Tags: sorting, datatables, shiny
  • R Shiny set DataTable column width 2014-08-08

    I am trying to set the width of columns in a DataTable rendered in Shiny and am not able to implement it using the aoColumnDefs options. Has anyone tried this before ? My table has 1 text followed by 3 numeric columns. The numeric columns need to be

    Tags: shiny, shiny server
  • R Shiny (RStudio) capture keydown events 2014-07-26

    In a Shiny application, is it possible to have a binding that listens to what key a user presses down? I'm not too familiar with JavaScript, but I'm looking for something like: window.onkeydown = function (e) { var code = e.keyCode ? e.keyCode : e.wh

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