• Determining whether a button is enabled or disabled (Silk4J) 2018-12-29

    I am testing a SAP application and I need to find out whether a button is enabled or disabled. I have read the MicroFocus documentation for the SapButton class, but I can't find a method like getEnabled(), isEnabled() or getDisabled() or isDisabled()

    Tags: java, sap, silktest
  • Alternative SilkTest IDE 2012-04-24

    Coming from Eclipse, there are many features that simply do not exist in the SilkTest IDE. My question is this: Is there an alternative IDE to SilkTest that I could use to maintain our SilkTest scripts? Something that can offer some of the power that

    Tags: ide, silktest
  • Silk Test Open Agent locks trace file 2012-03-07

    We have testing java application. This application performs different types of testing. On one step it starts Silk Test. This application writes a lot of traces using System.out.println. We redirect this traces to file app.trace in our cmd file. Some

    Tags: testing, java, automated tests, silktest
  • SilkTest workbench Invalid Object Handle Exception? 2011-09-13

    I'm trying silktest for the first time with an in house application. In one of the windows, I have a button that has two menu lists : New (pushbutton) ---> Option1 (list menu ) + Option2 if option1 clicked ---> subOption1, subOption2? All these

    Tags: .net, object, handle, custom object, silktest
  • create a class in silktest 2011-08-23

    May I know how to create a class in SilkTest?I am using Open Agent. I created a class: winclass hello void check() print("hi") I included it in the include file.But whenever i create an object for it in Test Script,I get an error saying "hello is not

    Tags: automation, silktest
  • Get the Type of an object's children in silktest 2011-08-22

    Assume i have an object and it has lots of children.May i know how i can find their types? I first used getChildren() to get the children and then used typeof() for each child. Typeof always returns Window. I would like to find if they are DomTextFie

    Tags: testing, automation, silktest
  • Selenium - How to capture all web page elements and associated locators on a page? 2011-07-19

    What Java/Selenium commands can I use to capture/get/output for all elements and associated element locators for a single webpage? The Selenium IDE allows you to inspect one element at a time. That is a problem if you have thousands of elements to au

    Tags: java, selenium, elements, silktest
  • Truncate the method in java 2011-04-29

    I have the following code: public class Search { private Desktop desktop = new Desktop(); @Before public void baseState() { BrowserBaseState baseState = new BrowserBaseState("silk4j.settings"); baseState.execute(desktop); } @Test public void searchNa

    Tags: java, silktest
  • class.method(XPath).select(); 2011-04-29

    I have a following line of code: silk.<DomButton>find(buttonSubmitSearchXPathMain).select(); I've never seen a method being accompanied by <xxx>. I have a few other methods like that with the same brackets but different words. Unfortunate

    Tags: java, silktest
  • API/SDK for reading results from SilkTest 2010 2011-01-20

    Is there any way (API/SDK/open source project etc.) for returning a list of tests, and their historical run results from Borland/Microfocus SilkTest 2010. --------------Solutions------------- SilkTest itself does not provide that sort of functionalit

    Tags: api, sdk, silktest, microfocus
  • Silk Test 2009 R2 - Too Many arguments to function Click 2011-01-14

    I have included the file extend/ under SILK runtime. When I try to run the test, I am seeing following error - Too Many arguments to function Click - Too Many arguments to function Click

    Tags: silktest
  • How to define expression for dynamic drop down list 2010-10-20

    How do I define an expression (or any other alternative method) when I want to select a value from a dynamic drop down list? ex: drop down list has these values: Plan A (X) Plan B (Y) Plan C (Z) where, X, Y and Z are all random numbers. Is there a wa

    Tags: silktest
  • Silktest void 0 bug? 2010-03-04

    I'm running some tests with Silk and it keeps throwing this error "void 0". Does anyone have any idea how I can stop this code from executing? My platform is XP SP3, and FireFox 3.6. Anyone have any ideas? --------------Solutions------------- Run the

    Tags: javascript, automation, void, silktest
  • How to access controls by Name with SilkTest? 2009-10-14

    We have an automated test suite, using Borland Silk Test 2008 R2 to carry out regression tests of a new in-house product. The test script consistently refers to controls by their index: Form.Control3 ... We've made a "minor" change to the main form o

    Tags: testing, winforms, silktest
  • Are there any free alternatives to Silktest? 2009-07-03

    Does anyone know if there are any (ideally free) alternatives to SilkTest for automated GUI application testing? [Edit] This is a Windows-only GUI written in C++/CLI if that makes a difference. --------------Solutions------------- selenium might be u

    Tags: testing, user interface, automation, silktest

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