• Go through tar archive in memory to extract metadata? 2018-11-07

    I have several tar archives that I need to extract/read in memory. The problem is each tar contains many ZIP archives and each contain unique XML documents. So the structure of each tar is as follows: tar -> directories-> ZIPs->XML. Obviously I c

    Tags: python, zip, tar
  • How to find all tar files in various sub-folders, then extract them in the same folder they were found? 2015-08-07

    I have lots of sub-folders, with only some containing a tar file. i.e.: folder1/ folder2/this-is-a.tar folder3/ folder4/this-is-another.tar I can find which dirs have the tar by simply doing ls */*.tar. What I want to achieve is somehow find all .tar

    Tags: linux, automation, centos, extract, tar
  • Read the file names or the number of files in tar.gz 2015-01-19

    I have a tar.gz file, which holds multiple csv files archived. I need to read the list of the file names or at least the number of files. This is what I tried: require 'zlib' file = Zlib::GzipReader.open('test/data/file_name.tar.gz') file.each_line d

    Tags: ruby, archive, gzip, zlib, tar
  • Is it possible to know the space take by files inside a .tar.bz2 2014-06-20

    I usually use du -h (-h for human readable format) to know the space take by my files. I have compressed some folders with .tar.bz2, but I am not sure if it works well. I mean, if all the files have been properly compressed. I know that it is possibl

    Tags: linux, bash, tar
  • Pipe to another command bash 2014-06-03

    I cannot seem to get my bash script to work, i want to pipe the output from the gunzip command to another command but it is not working, can anyone help me? The gunzip command outputs a tar file that i want to then use the tar command to put back yo

    Tags: bash, tar, gunzip
  • Linux using tar and if else when it has a file or not 2013-12-11

    I have a simple problem. I want that this script will say that if tar has a file inside "echo tar successful!" else "echo don't have any files". This is my script: stat -c"%z;%n" * | grep '^2013-12-04' | awk -F';' '{ print $2 }' | xargs tar -zcvf fil

    Tags: linux, bash, tar
  • redirect output of tar uncompression to other folder 2013-11-18

    I am trying to extract my tar file in remote server and uncompress the files in my home folder: ssh xyz.abc.hi "tar cf ~/Documents/myabc.tar.bz2 > /home/xyz/test.suffix" But it's not happening. Can anybody suggest anything? I am looking for someth

    Tags: linux, tar
  • How do I call archive.tar in salt? 2013-11-18

    I'm trying to untar a file in a salt state file. This is the relevant state: install-file: #unpack archive.tar: - options: xjf - tarfile: /opt/path/to/file.tar.bz - dest: /opt/path/to/ - watch: - file: /opt/path/to/file.tar.bz #get files file.managed

    Tags: tar, salt stack
  • tar -cO | base64 output contains several hundred bytes of 'AAA' at the end 2013-08-13

    The permissions in the directories in which I am working are frequently too convoluted to use scp efficiently, so to copy files/folders between ssh sessions I've decided to cobble together tar and base64 for a ghetto solution. However, for some reaso

    Tags: base64, tar
  • How to directly perform write.csv in R into tar.gz format? 2013-07-05

    I have a big data.frame that I want to write into a compressed CSV file. Is there any way to directly write the data into a CSV.TAR.GZ compressed file instead of performing write.csv/gzip steps in order to reduce DISK access? Thanks. --------------So

    Tags: gzip, csv, tar, in memory
  • du --zip myFile.zip? 2013-06-27

    What's the easiest way to use the "du" command on zip files? I'm sure this is quite a common use case, but I couldn't find anything using Google. I'd rather not resort to mounting the zip file and running du as if it was an exploded directory. ------

    Tags: zip, tar
  • Bash create .tar.gz on Solaris 2013-04-16

    I'm writting a bash script, which should create a .tar.gz archive from specified directory including file structure. This is a homework and I need it to work on Solaris system my school uses. That means I can't use tar like this tar xvzf archive.tar.

    Tags: archive, bash, gzip, solaris, tar
  • tar: This does not look like a tar archive 2012-04-30

    I split a huge folder: tar cvpf - somedir | split -b 50000m I then transfered split files to another server and merge it: cat x* > somedir.tar.gz but when I tried to extract the file it shows errors: tar xvf tar xvf somedir.tar.gz tar: This does n

    Tags: tar
  • Is tar ignoring --after-date option? 2012-04-28

    I wanted to make an incremental backup with tar. I have made a full backup on 2012-04-08 and later I wanted to backup all files created or changed after that date. So I did something like this: cd /directory/I/wanted/to/back/up tar --newer 2012-04-08

    Tags: backup, tar
  • Cron to tar files by creation date 2012-04-27

    I need to create a cron job that will tar all images created within the last X days. I use cron jobs on my websites by setting them up in CPanel, but I'm not an experienced script writer when it comes to unix stuff. Any help will be appreciated. This

    Tags: unix, cron, tar
  • Best archiver library for iOS 2012-04-25

    I'm looking for an archiver library to use in my iOS app (zip or other formats). What is the best library in terms of: How easy it is to include it in a iOS project Memory consumption Speed of unarchiving How stable it is --------------Solutions-----

    Tags: archive, zip, ios, tar
  • Split tar.bz2 file and extract each individually 2012-04-23

    Can I split a large tar.bz2 file into several smaller files and extract those small tar.bz2 files individually in Ubuntu? Thanks, --------------Solutions------------- I don't think it's easily possible. A .tar.bz2 is a single stream, it doesn't have

    Tags: linux, ubuntu, tar
  • Eliminate directory hiearchy while tarring. 2012-04-20

    $ tar -zcvf archive/test.tar.gz files will give me as below : files/ files/1 files/2 files/3 -- $ tar -zcvf archive/test.tar.gz -C files . will give me as below : ./ ./1 ./2 ./3 I am not able to figure out the right tar command for an output as below

    Tags: linux, tar
  • Which algorithm is using in standard ZIP? 2012-04-18

    Have googled, wikied and reading RFC of ZIP, but can't find any info about the exact algorithm which is used in ZIP. I have found info about ZIP == TAR + GZIP But, I'm confused by this info. Because GZIP uses LZW algorithm as I remember and TAR uses

    Tags: gzip, zip, tar, lzma, lzw
  • Creating a GZipped tar file and dynamically streaming it via PHP? 2012-04-15

    Is there an easy interface like ZipArchive for tar.gz archives that allows me to stream the archive to the client rather than save it on the server? And if so, could someone show me how? Thanks! --------------Solutions------------- This link may be u

    Tags: php, archive, zip, zlib, tar

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