• LDAP Authentication in classic asp 2017-12-05

    I have LDAP Authentication for my ASP site. Code is working fine on Windows 2003 Server. However we need to migrate our application to Windows 2012 R2 server.Unfortunately, the same is not working Error comes as "Server is not in operational." B

    Tags: asp classic, vbscript, ldap
  • VBS Shutdown Script with Confimation 2017-09-07

    Looking for a VBscript that creates a desktop shortcut to shutdown the computer. When actioned by the user; the user will be prompted "Are you sure you want to Shutdown? Yes/No). When clicking Yes the computer will shutdown while no will exit the scr

    Tags: vbscript
  • How can I go back one step when processing a list of (user) choices? 2017-03-02

    I have a series of user choices (implemented as input boxes). Short Example: Answer = InputBox("Choose: 1 - One 2 - Two", "Choose")) If Answer = "1" Then Answer = InputBox("Choose: 1 - Hi 2 - Hello", "Choose&qu

    Tags: vbscript, back, inputbox
  • Multi-value auto-complete text-box on windowsform 2016-12-25

    I am new to vb-script and trying to implementing Auto complete functionality to a text-box on windows form by using vb script. when i enter the first character in the text-box it is displaying the auto-complete list. After first email id i put a semi

    Tags: vbscript, multivalue, typeahead
  • VBS Script Spaces in File Path 2016-11-23

    I have a vbscript file with the following line of code: addToArray arrScenarios, "Scenarios\BFTB Scenarios\Tutorial.cos" When I run it, it cannot find the Tutorial.cos file. However, if I change the 'BFTB Scenarios' directory name by eliminating

    Tags: whitespace, vbscript, filepath
  • Find logged in user pst file and copy to back up location in vbs 2016-10-06

    I am trying to convert the following batch into vbs.. anyhelp would be much appreciated. ====> FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=" %%a IN (%userprofile%\out.txt) DO ( xcopy "%%a" H:\PST-Backup\ ) --------------Solutions------------- Keep in m

    Tags: vbscript, batch file
  • Why does my script seem to randomly truncate strings? 2016-08-18

    The script below basically takes a source table and a target table and copies all the records. It works fairly well, but one recurring issue I'm having is that it seems to truncate some strings. Here is one of the error outputs: Error Number: -214721

    Tags: string, hex, vbscript, adodb
  • VBScript Connection oracle in sysdba 2016-08-17

    I need to connect in sysdba on Oracle from Vbs. I use this command to connect on my database set cn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") ConnectionString ="Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle; Data Sour

    Tags: oracle, vbscript, sysdba, connect
  • Save iframe content as .xps/.pdf format without user interaction 2016-01-04

    I would like to know whether it is possible to save iframe content as .xps/.pdf format without the user interaction or not. Currently, my coding is able to skip print dialog box and select default printer. However, it couldn't bypass the Save As dial

    Tags: javascript, html, vb.net, vbscript, printing web page
  • VBA read CSV with delimiter in string 2015-11-25

    I'm trying to read a .csv to work with it in an .accdb The file has ; as delimiter and "" as string qualifier. Young and naive as I was I just split the file at the delimiter: Set oFSO = New FileSystemObject Set oStream = oFSO.OpenTextFile(sFile

    Tags: csv, vbscript, import
  • VBScript Shell not Getting Updated File 2015-03-19

    I'm working on a VBScript that will be called by other scripts which copies the clipboard contents and uses it as input for the parent script. The script calls two batch files, copyClipboard.bat and copyToScripts.bat. CopyClipboard.bat copies the cli

    Tags: windows, vbscript, batch file
  • VBS convert string to floating point 2015-03-13

    Dim strnumber strnumber = "0.3" Dim add add = 0.1 Dim result result = strnumber + add MsgBox result I want to get 0.4 as result, but get 3.1. I tried clng(strnumber) and int(strnumber), nothing works. There is a simple solution for sure but I won't f

    Tags: vbscript
  • Read rendered HTML/AngularJS page from VBScript 2015-03-10

    Is there a way to access the rendered HTML result of a webpage from within Visual Basic Script? I want to provide a very simple graphical interface to input a value, send it as request parameter to a webpage and parse a div from the result. Problem i

    Tags: html, vbscript, windows scripting, angularjs
  • Windows Registry search and update 2015-03-10

    I have found a code to search a pattern in windows registry and update with the required value. But the below code is updating registry for only first match, and the rest of the matches are not getting updates. Can any one help me on this,

    Tags: vbscript
  • VBScript -CSV merge Process Never Ends 2015-03-10

    I have a VBscript that combines multiple CSV files into one single CSV file. The script perfectly combines the files when run for the first time. But, when re-run to append data to the existing CSV, the Process never ends or an infinite loop starts.

    Tags: csv, excel vba, vbscript
  • GitHub API authentication with MSXML2.XMLHTTP 2015-03-01

    I am trying to authenticate on the GitHub API via Basic Authentication using MSXML2.XMLHTTP. I understand that I need to pass my credentials using the Authorization HTTP header. So this is my code, but it always returns unauthenticated. (As per the G

    Tags: vbscript, github, github api
  • Create or delete a folder using FSO 2015-02-25

    Is there an FSO (file system object) method to create or delete a folder in JavaScript or VBScript? Any other JavaScript or VBScript method to create or delete a folder which works in HTA is also accepted. --------------Solutions------------- You mig

    Tags: javascript, vbscript, fso
  • Integrating TestComplete With JIRA 2015-02-23

    Need connection string which ll connect JIRA when testcase failure ll be there while running script.Once test ll fail,it ll connect JIRA and log defect. I am using vb script for automation.Please let me know if any resolution is there??

    Tags: vbscript
  • first vbs checking diskpace on remote servers 2015-02-09

    error returned from this script: space.vbs(13,2) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Path not found servers.txt exists and is readable I can map a drive to any of the servers in servers.txt and check space manually Unless there is a syntax error in my

    Tags: vbscript
  • Launch a Java/Batch hybrid without displaying command prompt 2015-02-09

    A little while I asked a question (and got a brilliant response) to create the program below, what I'd like to is silently launch it, so the command prompt does not display in the background. The program below tests for "Agent.exe" and if it finds it

    Tags: vbscript, batch file, jscript

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