Turn a button into a loading circle animation

I would like to reproduce the animation below :


I found this but i would not have the progress bar (the loading time will not be defined) :


How can I do it ?


You can add an event listener to temporarily replace it with an image and then have the callback of the ajax (or whatever happens) perform a replacement of it. In my example, I just used setTimeout to have it replace the button again after 3 seconds. Normally that functionality would go inside of the ajax callback (or whatever else it was waiting on):

Here's a jsFiddle example: https://jsfiddle.net/jetweedy/m0qpm1xh/2/

var myButton = document.getElementById('myButton');
var myParent = document.getElementById('myParent');
myButton.onclick = function() {
var myImage = document.createElement("img");
myImage.src = "http://chimplyimage.appspot.com/images/samples/classic-spinner/animatedCircle.gif";
setTimeout(function() {
}, 3000);

An alternative would be to write some JavaScript to gradually decrease/increase its size, position, color, and other properties while it processes whatever it's processing, and then (again, inside the callback) put a stop to all that (by ending a setInterval that you had initiated) after you're done.

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