Typo3: Use the Metadata from Hom Page

I'm using Typo3 and use the fields "metadata" on each page in order to specify the metadata.

I realize this with the following TypoScript code:

page.meta.keywords.field = keywords page.meta.description.field = description page.meta.robots= index, follow

Now I would like on the sides where no metadata is specified using the data from the home page. How can I realize the best?


You can make use of sliding content. This involves a little setup, but will make life alot easier for people maintaining the site.

You will need to add or alter the following line inside typo3conf/localconf.php

$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['FE']['addRootLineFields'] = ',description,keywords';

After that you can change your metadata like this:

page.meta.keywords.data = levelfield : -1 , keywords , slide
page.meta.description.data = levelfield : -1 , description , slide

Make sure to clear all cache. Then fill in the default values inside of the root-page (most of the times uid=1).

Now you can on any page override this setting, and it is automatically applied to all subpages of that page as well =)

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