Using multiple language views for the same controller in CodeIgniter

How do I use multiple language views in a controller according to the url parameter? I have a english version of a website in CodeIgniter.I want to make Greek and Arabic version of this website without changing the models and controllers.Anybody know how to do it so that i can get CodeIgniter to display different views for the same controller according to the language parameters in the URL. like the URL below for English for Arabic for Greek

Thanks in advance


Try with this:

Internationalization (i18n) library for CodeIgniter

I've used it in my project with little modification and it is really great.

You can choose to do the following, if you have different templates/views for each language.

$lang = $this->uri->segment(1);


Then you can store each different languages like this:


Please keep in mind to edit the routes, so you can use the same controller. I would use Regex in the routing system, like this:

$route['([a-z_A-Z]+)/controller'] = 'controller';

Then when you do , you should be redirected to the controller and $this->uri->segment(1); will be available for language selection.

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