Weaving production aspect into test class with Gradle AspectJ

I am using the Gradle AspectJ plugin to weave some production aspect into test Java code. I would have expected this to work out of the box with the plugin, but apparently that's not the case as demoed here: https://github.com/sedubois/gradle-aspectj-poc/tree/dc44f529831a485fcff8f4889dba8098784dddb4

The weaving of UnsupportedOperationAspect into MainSevice (both under src/main/java) works, but the weaving of this same aspect into TestService (under src/test/java) doesn't.

I am new to Groovy, Gradle and AspectJ and didn't figure out if I should add some testAspectpath configuration or similar?

EDIT1: seems unrelated, but iajc gives a warning:

... :compileTestAspect [ant:iajc] [warning] incorrect classpath: [...]\gradle-aspectj-poc\build\resources\main ...

EDIT2: I naively added this code to the Gradle dependencies:

ajInpath fileTree(dir: "src/test/java") aspectpath fileTree(dir: "src/test/java") testAjInpath fileTree(dir: "src/test/java") testAspectpath fileTree(dir: "src/test/java")

It doesn't help, the first test works and the second one fails as usual, with these new messages:

... :compileAspect [ant:iajc] [warning] build config error: skipping missing, empty or corrupt aspectpath entry: [...]\gradle-aspectj-poc\src\test\java\com\hello\aop\TestService.java [ant:iajc] [warning] build config error: skipping missing, empty or corrupt inpath entry: [...]\gradle-aspectj-poc\src\test\java\com\hello\aop\TestService.java ... :compileTestAspect [ant:iajc] [warning] build config error: skipping missing, empty or corrupt aspectpath entry: [...]\gradle-aspectj-poc\src\test\java\com\hello\aop\TestService.java [ant:iajc] [warning] build config error: skipping missing, empty or corrupt inpath entry: [...]\gradle-aspectj-poc\src\test\java\com\hello\aop\TestService.java [ant:iajc] [warning] incorrect classpath: [...]\gradle-aspectj-poc\build\resources\main ...


By default the plugin does not weave the main aspects in the test classes - we simply never made a configuration option for it. You can do this yourself using the following line:

testAspectpath sourceSets.main.output

There is no expression matching TestService#serviceMethod().

In order to make your testcase work you need to advice your service method and (very important) the aspect must be located in the src/test/ package. Otherwise the compiler would not weave it in.

// located in `src/test/java`

package com.hello.aop;

class UnsupportedOperationAspect {

@Before("execution(void com.hello.aop.TestService.serviceMethod(..))")
public void throwUnsupportedOperationOnMethod1() {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException();

Just a sidenote as i do not know what you are trying to achieve by advising test-classes (that are components specifically for test cases only): keep your tests as simple as possible.

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