What's your favorite maven repository server?

HI,Which maven repository server do you prefer? Apache archiva , Nexus or other? and why?


I haven't used archiva so far but Artefactory and Nexus. With artifactory we discovered a problem when deploying large files (some hundred megs). This could - as far as I remember - not be solved in general because somehow it was bound to the memory that was available to the jvm but with Nexus one has the possibiliy to use a different upload mechanism via


that's one point why we prefer Nexus.

Second point: In the new 1.9 version Nexus comes with the archetype catalog plugin which gives you an automatic update of the archetypes you have deployed - as far as I know this is not possible with artifactory (but perhaps something has been done there as well).

So far we're happy with Nexus...

I like the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository. Here's the pertinent section of their FAQ that describes usage with Maven:


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