Why is javascript closing all html tags directly

I try to build some html-code by a javascript. But somehow all html-tags I open get closed directly by the javascript. How can I change this behavior?

Example of javascript:

function generateHTML() { var s='<table>'; for(var i=0;i<max;i++) { s=s+'<tr><td>text</td></tr>'; } s=s+'</table>'; document.getElementById('tagID').innerHTML = s; }

The final html-code looks like:

<table></table> <tr><td>text</td></tr> : <tr><td>text</td></tr> </table>


Save your final writing/appending of HTML until the end of your for-loop. Output your HTML more like this:

var s = '<table>';
for(var i=0; i<max; i++) {
s += '<tr><td>text</td></tr>'; // append to s
s += '</table>'; // append to s




Demo: JSBin

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