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I was testing the follow sample code and somehow whenever I tried running it, I will have an error shown below. However, the calc.exe process was executed successfull, so how is it possible that the handle be null or zero? I hope you understand what I am trying to put across. Thanks! The code sample is from

An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in UIAutomationClient.dll Additional information: hwnd cannot be IntPtr.Zero or null.

//Launches the Windows Calculator and gets the Main Window's Handle. Process calculatorProcess = Process.Start("calc.exe"); calculatorProcess.WaitForInputIdle(); IntPtr calculatorWindowHandle = calculatorProcess.MainWindowHandle; //Here I use a window handle to get an AutomationElement for a specific window. AutomationElement calculatorElement = AutomationElement.FromHandle(calculatorWindowHandle); if(calculatorElement == null) { throw new Exception("Uh-oh, couldn't find the calculator..."); } //Walks some of the more interesting properties on the AutomationElement. Console.WriteLine("--------Element"); Console.WriteLine("AutomationId: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.AutomationId); Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.Name); Console.WriteLine("ClassName: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.ClassName); Console.WriteLine("ControlType: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.ControlType.ProgrammaticName); Console.WriteLine("IsEnabled: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.IsEnabled); Console.WriteLine("IsOffscreen: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.IsOffscreen); Console.WriteLine("ProcessId: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.ProcessId); //Commented out because it requires another library reference. However, it's useful to see that this exists. //Console.WriteLine("BoundingRectangle: {0}", calculatorElement.Current.BoundingRectangle); Console.WriteLine("Supported Patterns:"); foreach (AutomationPattern supportedPattern in calculatorElement.GetSupportedPatterns()) { Console.WriteLine("\t{0}", supportedPattern.ProgrammaticName); }


You're misunderstanding WaitForInputIdle (Which is a HORRENDOUSLY bad name for what that function currently does). You're asking for the address of the main window before a main window has even been created. As a result you end up passing an invalid window handle to your other functions.

EDIT: I would strongly recommend use of a UI Automation library such as white if you're going to be doing serious work with it.

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